4 Reasons Why You Need Seedbox For Torrenting & More

You might have heard about seedbox when it comes to torrenting right? The remote hosting servers that can be referred to as dedicated powerhouse for downloads and uploads of digital data.

However, seedboxes can provide you with more benefits than you could imagine. So if you are someone who loves to torrent, however, struggle with the many issues attached to it then it’s time to bid them goodbye.

You have a chance to experience the smooth torrenting by using this super server.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the reasons why you must use them for torrenting.

1. High speed downloads and uploads

One of the prime perks that you could achieve with the use of seedbox is that you no longer have to hassle with low internet connectivity. The struggle with torrents is always the same.

The speed of downloads or uploads of files seem to cause trouble for most torrent users. However, with the help of seedbox one can get rid of this problem almost immediately.

A seedbox account is usually set up on a 100Mbit line or even faster than that. The speed you get from these power servers are nothing compared to your local internet connection.

You can download or upload huge data within a matter of a few minutes. Therefore, making them the ultimate companion for your torrenting experience.

2. Robust hardware capability

No matter how high end your computer is, it is still not appropriate to let it run for the entire day as you would usually do to download large sized data. This can clog up your bandwidth and most importantly mess the hardware system.

But that won’t be the case if you bring in a seedbox to do the same task. These remotely hosted servers are able to run 24×7 without giving any sort of interruption or the need to shut it down.

They have solid hardware capability which your usual computer doesn’t. Just set your seedbox on download and the server will do its job effectively.

3. Ultimate privacy and anonymity

One of the most annoying aspects of torrenting is that there’s no room for privacy. Everyday millions of torrent users are exposed with their activities online. Trackers have an easy scope to target someone and the targeted user may not even know anything about it. If you are someone who feels restless about this side of torrenting then there’s an ultimate solution for you.

Just get hooked with a good quality seedbox and maintain your anonymity online. With seedbox you’ll be able to access the files with safe login credentials of your personal account.

Also, there are several good quality seedboxes that even offer VPN that allows you to use encrypted connectivity online. Therefore, helping you keep your ultimate privacy and anonymity.

4. Extra storage space for cheap

Do you know you can download and store your data right on your seedbox itself? Yes! With a seedbox you get the facility of storage as well without having to clog your computer’s space.

In fact, more and more seedbox companies are expanding their storage capabilities to keep up in the competitive market. You can download and keep your data right on your server for later use.

With an easy FTP download you could later download it for your local machine.


If you have still not gotten a seedbox then make sure you do. The above list is just a glimpse of perks that seedboxes offer the torrent users. Get the ultimate experience of torrenting with this super server now.

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