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Deciphering Seward

Seward is situated on the southern coast of Alaska and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the United States of America. It is a home rule incorporated city in Alaska. As per the 2010 census reports the town has a population of 2693 people. Seward has a total area of 21.5 square miles according to the United States Census Bureau. The northern city limits are demarcated by the Resurrection River’s lower reaches.

Best things to do in Seward

Here is a list of the things that will make your vacation awesome at Seward:
❏ Visit the Kenai Fjords National Park- Located right at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula the Kenai Fjords National Park happens to be a brilliant experience for the visitors from far and near as it displays 40 glaciers. The park has pristine lush forests, bears and beautiful whales. If you are an avid explorer then you can explore the beauty of the park by navigating the fjord’s water on a boat tour or you can also hike through a glacier.

❏ Mount Marathon- Mount Marathon is good news for the hikers as there are a number of scenic things above. It is home to the gruelling racecourse. The entire route to the top is filled with fine scenery. When you go up via this root it basically takes the hikers through three different trails.

❏ Resurrection Bay- The location of the Resurrection Bay is 650 feet above the level of sea. The popularity of the Resurrection Bay lies in the fact that it is the gateway of the Kenai Fjords, angler trips as well as kayak tours.

❏ Waterfront park- Waterfront Park is a famous RV park as well as a reputed camping ground known for its breathtaking scenery. It is home to spacious picnic areas and skate park as well as direct access to the beaches. The trail of the park has some of the best historical landmarks including the Old Railroad Depot and the Founder’s Monument.

❏ Stony Creek Canopy Adventure- The Stoney Creek is filled with utmost thrill and is situated next to the Chugach National Forest. It is the best of aerial adventure in the most eco-friendly recreational centre. The Stoney Creek is a zipline tour which is 3 hours long.

If you are wondering where exactly you could stay while holidaying at Seward then the good news is Seward has got a number of Seward Alaska long term rentals where you could stay for a long time without much hassle.
The Shear water Cove is an excellent cabin which is located at a tiny cove from Seward and the perfect place for you to unplug yourself in your long awaited vacation at Seward. This cool yurt offers the perfect idyllic setting. You can enjoy the joyous beauty of nature with the cascading beauty of the waterfalls. Enjoy the blissfulness of the old growth forest chastised with blueberries and ferns. You also get the advantage of experiencing the unique opportunity to witness the orcas and humpbacks from a distance. This is one of the finest Seward Alaska long term rentals available.

Then there is the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge which is owned and operated by the Alaska Wildland Adventures and is a pioneering Seward Alaska long term rentals of ecotourism. This lodge is one of the most recent one and has one of the best views of the superb water, glacier and wildlife views. The dining experience is magnificent. Along with the excellent quality food you also get the best local beers and great wine. The rustic lodge is designed with full elegance.

Therefore while visiting Seward you will never have to worry about the accommodation facilities available there as the place is filled with a bundle of cozy cabins. There are also a number of homestays where the guests are welcomed throughout the year.

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