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Magnetic Screen Door – Summer VS Mosquito


Mosquito, one of the most dangerous bugs that threaten human life. They have been around for over 30 million years. Mosquito kills more people than all other animals combined. Did you know mosquito-borne diseases kill over 700,000 people a year? Scary, isn’t it? You might be afraid of snakes, lions or sharks. But the real danger is mosquito. Some call it the ultimate killer. Because they are everywhere, and we still don’t know how to stop them.

Most of the times, we didn’t realize we were getting bitten by a mosquito, until there is the annoying itch in our body.

Facts about Mosquito

There are over 3,000 recognized species of mosquito. Relax! Not all of them feeds on human blood. Some like to gorge themselves on animal blood, that’s why you might see some mosquito near bear, birds, snakes and even fish.

There are three species of mosquito that cause the vast majority of death to human:

  • Aedes Aegypti. This species can transmit dengue fever, chikungunya, zika, yellow fever, and Mayaro
  • Anopheles Gambiae. This species carry malaria
  • Culex pipiens. This species can transmit West nile virus

According to Animal Logic, the reason they are so effective at transmitting pathogens is because their blood sucking mechanism, their proboscis.

Honestly, mosquitoes can live off nectar or honeydew. But the females need to drink blood to get the proteins and iron they need to produce eggs.

How to Stop Mosquito

Some of you might already asking this question a long time ago. How to stop mosquito? Can we kill all the mosquito in the world? How is the progress now? Well, to be honest, no definitive battle has been won in the war of human vs mosquito. Human have very interesting strategies to banish them. But in reality, we can’t really kill all the mosquito in the world, not that just for the reason its impossible and hard to do, but it can throw the ecosystem off the balance. So, the answer is, we don’t stop mosquito, we simply prevent them.

Scientist is trying to fight mosquito-borne diseases, by releasing non fighting male mosquitos with a self-suppressing gene, so when they mate with normal females, they will produce offspring with a low chance of surviving. Thus, it can reduce the number of mosquitoes over time.

They also try to infect mosquito with wool baqia bacteria, so the mosquito will have more resistance to virus such as dengue and west nile. This will lower the risk of them being a pathogen carrier.

How to Prevent Mosquito

And for us, what can we do? We can do some preventive actions to protect our loved ones from the danger of mosquito can carry. There are several ways to prevent mosquito:

  • Lavender oil. Lavender is highly concentrated and contains essential volatile oils such as vinyl alcohol that naturally protects lavender from insects. That’s why there are so many diffusers, air freshener, and spray repellents made from lavender. Studies have shown it is 93% effective in indoor use. You can also put a several drops and rub it in your skin and just go on with your day! Or you can grow lavender in your yard to make sure mosquitoes stay away from your home.
  • Tea tree oil. It contains antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property, which is also effective to repel mosquitoes. You can soak a ribbon in tea tree oil and hang it on your door to prevent mosquito from entering your house. It also can get rid of the irritation and itching after you got bitten. Just apply it to the affected area.
  • Vanilla. Mosquito can’t stand the smell of vanilla. You can get a vanilla diffuser, air freshener, or make it on your own. To do it: put two teaspoons of vanilla powder with one cup of water and put it into spray bottle and spray yourself in it! Just make sure the vanilla powder is pure and doesn’t contain any sugar or alcohol.
  • Black pepper. It has a chemical substance called picaridin, that can protect you from insects including mosquitos, by covering your natural smell. You can apply it on your skin, just for a several drops. Because putting too much can cause irritation.
  • Apple cider vinegar. It can help to repel mosquito. You can make your own spray bottle by putting apple cider vinegar and water in same proportions and spray it in the place where insects would probably gather. You can also add eucalyptus or lemon oil to maximize the effect. You can also apply it on your skin.
  • Mint. Just like vanilla, mint has a scent that can repel mosquito. That’s why it’s also one of the popular choices for air freshener and bug repellants. For mint oil, you can apply it in your skin, or grow mints in your garden.
  • Garlic. When you eat a clove of garlic, the garlic oil will naturally release from your pores and create a natural barrier between you and mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes can’t stand its scents. Garlic has a component called Allicin, that protects you from being detected from mosquitoes. You can use garlic spray, or apply it on your skin or your home.

That was several natural ways to prevent mosquitoes. But if you are busy and prefer the simple and long-lasting way, you can also try to use magnetic screen door especially the one from Lazy Monk. Just install it on your door and prevent the mosquitoes from entering your house, and say goodbye to all the danger a mosquito can bring!

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