MCI approved universities | Top six countries to study MBBS abroad

As we know the growing competition for the elite government colleges through NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) held every year. For a student, the world-level institution is a dream come true thing but getting admission to these universities is close to none as there is only 1 seat for every 100 students. But if you think more clearly there are many universities abroad that offer low fees with a high-quality education

You can go so these top countries to study MBBS as they offer good education which is way more than most of the Medical universities in India:

MBBS in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a culture and language very similar to Indian culture where Bengali is the major language of Bangladesh. They do not want donations for the admission and the fee structure is very low. You can get admission to the top colleges of Bangladesh only on merit basis, no interviews are required for the admission.

Top Universities

SNO. Country Name of the University/College
1 Bangladesh Gono Bishwabiddalay, Bangladesh
2 Bangladesh Shah Jalal Uni. of Science & Technology, Sylhet
3 Bangladesh University of Chittagong
4 Bangladesh University of Dhaka
5 Bangladesh University of Rajshahi
6 Bangladesh University of Science & Technology, Chittagong

MBBS in China

China has the main focus on developing new technology in every field and their prime focus is on the health sector for that most of the universities are government-funded there. Also, the internship can be done in China as well as in India. In both the condition, according to MCI, both the internships are valid for practicing MBBS in India. In order to study MBBS in China, only NEET, 10th and 12th marks sheets are seen for the admission process.

Top universities

1 China Jilin University
2 China China Medical University
3 China Dalian Medical University
4 China Capital Medical University
5 China Southern Medical University
6 China Tongji University
7 China Southwest Medical University
8 China Xiamen University

MBBS in the Philippines

It is one of the few Asian countries that have very low tuition fees with no compromise on the education system. AMA School of medicine is one of the best medical universities all over Asia. Some of the MCI approved Filipino universities have top-level faculty in the world.

Top universities

1 Philippines AMA School of Medicine
2 Philippines Angeles University Foundation
3 Philippines Ateneo de Zamboanga University
4 Philippines Baguio Central University
6 Philippines Cagayan State University Tuguegarao (Carig)
7 Philippines Cebu Doctors University College of Medicine
8 Philippines Cebu Institute of Medicine
9 Philippines Central Philippine University
10 Philippines Davao Medical School Foundation

MBBS in Russia

All of the MCI approved Russian universities are government-funded. They do not take donations for admission in these universities, they have a great infrastructure with a very well designed education system.

Top Universities

1 Russia The Belgorod State University
2 Russia The Chechen State University
3 Russia I.N. Ulyanov University
4 Russia The First Moscow State Medical University
5 Russia The First St. Petersburg State Medical University
6 Russia G.R. Derzhavin University
7 Russia Tula State University
8 Russia Tver State Medical University
9 Russia Tyumen State Medical University
10 Russia Ulyanovsk College of Pharmacy

MBBS in the USA

USA’s education system is a benchmark to the rest of the world because the faculty and infrastructure provided for the students is top class. The fees for these universities may be high but the universities provide its students with part-time jobs and scholarship options so that they can minimize the cost of living in the USA.

Top Universities

1 U.S.A. American Board of Emergency Medicine
2 U.S.A. American Board of Family Medicine
3 U.S.A. American Board of Hospic and Palliative Medicine
4 U.S.A. American Board of Internal Medicine
5 U.S.A. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
6 U.S.A. American Board of Thoracic Surgery
7 U.S.A. University of Southern California
8 U.S.A. University of Tennessee Health Science Centre


Germany has a very advanced education system compared to the USA with some of the universities come under top universities of the world. They provide degrees with many opportunities for students for practicing medicine in any country in the world.

Top Universities

1 Germany Magdeburg University.
2 Germany Mϋnster University.
3 Germany Heidelberg University.
4 Germany Lübeck University.
5 Germany Herdecke University.
6 Germany Rwth Aachen University.
7 Germany Freiburg University.
8 Germany Tϋbingen University.

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