Retail Merchandise Display Layout Design Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Having a well designed merchandise display can make a huge difference in the amount of sales in a retail store. Provided that there is enough room in the store, aisles should be wide and well lit through the store. While theories abound on the best way to set up displays in a retail store, there are a few cardinal points on which the experts unanimously agree. These suggestions provide a great foundation to get a store started, but tinkering will be necessary as each store has individual needs. When in doubt, professional designers are always available for advice on the best setups and layouts.

Impulse buys make up a fairly significant portion of the profit a store will make. These items are best placed at the front of the store by the cash registers as this is a high traffic area. Customer service is key for retail stores and placing often forgotten items such as batteries near the register to remind them is a great way to serve both the customer and the bottom line.

Wide, open aisles help consumers feel at ease while they browse, which means that they will have more time to locate that must have item. It is imperative that the merchandise be well organized on the shelves. Peg boards should be neatly arranged and items hung appropriately. If bins must be used they should be easily accessible and kept clean. Bins tend to become a catch all for garbage, misplaced items and dust. Regularly emptying them and cleaning them out will remedy this problem.

Depending on the customer base of a particular store, there are two main schools of thought on where to place the most popular items. Some store owners feel that the consumer of today has less time than ever before and aim to please by placing the popular items in the front of the store so they can be easily found and purchased. Other store owners want to improve their overall circulation to all departments in the store so they place the popular items near the back to force customers to venture further in than they normally would. For customer bases that have a great deal of time and love to browse, this is an excellent strategy.

In order to prevent theft and shrinkage many store owners place their more expensive items in a special location with additional security in place. Some stores choose to keep these items behind the counter or in the back of the store but customers cannot see the items when this is done which makes purchasing them difficult. Glass cases provide a solution to this problem by keeping the items inaccessible without assistance but allow the consumer to see the merchandise.

Placing like items together not only assists the customer, it makes logical sense for sales. It is very frustrating to get home with a new grill and realize that the charcoal has been forgotten. By placing the coal and lighter fluid by the grill this problem can be avoided for the customer and sales go up.

Getting merchandise in and then out of the store is the goal of most retailers and an attractive layout and display is a powerful tool to accomplish just that. Some store owners are going in a different direction with the increased popularity of online purchasing, however, and are using less space for display and more for storage and packing space Retail Merchandising Solutions .

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