Science Diet for Small Paws: Taking Good Care of Your Fur Baby

Being attentive to your dog’s food is one way of promoting long-term health. With the wide variety of dog food in the market, it may confuse you as a pet owner and ends up buying the wrong one for him.

You may think that all dog foods are the same, and that is not true. Your dog differs in every way, and you must choose wisely the proper food it takes. An adult dog has specific needs, so as the small ones.

In this article, we want to answer the question of what dog food is appropriate to feed your small dog. We will also enumerate proofs why Science Diet is the best dog food for your miniature fur baby.

What is a Science Diet?

Science Diet for dogs is specially formulated pet foods easy to digest. This reason alone makes it recommendable by many since it fits the little stomach of your dog. Due to its precise and balanced nutrition, each recipe of Hill’s Science Diet is approved by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) nutrient profile, the governing body setting the standard for pet foods.

The success of Mark L. Morris Jr. and his father in 1960 as they created a specialized diet for a dog with a kidney disease paved the way to the development of this famed product.

Feeding: Small Dogs vs Large Dogs

Take note of this, especially those who are novice pet owners: a small breed of dog burns energy quicker than to large breed of dogs. Thus, small dogs should be fed 2-3 meals a day in reasonable ration. With their little tummy, your fur baby needs complete balanced dog food and that is why we recommend Science Diet. 

  • Kibble Size is a small dog’s friend. 

Most dogs inhale some foods rather than chewing them and a large dry kibble can choke them. Unlike Hill’s Science Diet, dog food manufacturers don’t have information on the actual size of their kibble food. 

  • More protein, more like it

Protein helps build muscle and makes them leaner, and it protects the brittle bones your tiny dog has. High-protein content makes dog food expensive, but it is also the most important component of your dog’s health. But be careful, protein must come from meat, not from plants (again and I again you should carefully read the label). 

You may think of throwing anything to your dog, say something, like few bits of sweets. Remember it can hurt them. Your dog is small, and it’s already large part for them. 

Common Feeding Mistakes

Let us self-check the following mistakes in feeding. Do you make one of these errors?

  • Feeding not according to life-stage

Dogs have different life stages. These are Puppyhood (ends in 6-18 months), Adolescence (between 6-18 months), Adulthood (1-3 years), and Seniority (6 -10 years). These life stages have different feeding patterns. 

  • Free-feeding 

Throwing anything at your dog and never minding about it is killing him. These freebies, if not monitored, are like ticking time bomb inside your dog’s system

  • Too much/not enough ration

The result is either too thin or an obese dog. Both of these have an impact to the heart and kidneys. 

  • Inappropriate foods 

Dogs are not human. There are many preservatives in our food. Despite our large size compared to your small dog, we still catch disease and activate cancer cells due to inappropriate diet. 

  • Using improper feeding equipment

For heaven’s sake, please buy your dog the bowl and let them religiously use them! No matter how tired you are from work, make sure you place the food to the proper bowl of your dog. Unless you want a dog that will later on destroy your kitchenware.

  • Distracted feeding

Whenever your dog eats, let him be at peace. Never disturb them by touching them or showing them anything. They can be distracted. Stress comes from not eating at their pace. This leads to fear, or bad temper, since the dog thought you are having a piece of their food. If you keep doing this, you will not able to feed them without a fight or forcing them to do so. 

Among these reasons, it is feeding not according to life-stage is the most crucial contributor, yet overlooked by many. The lack of proper education on their pet’s life-stage has put this fur friend’s life into peril. Diseases such as heart, lung and kidney failures are the sad result of being inattentive to your dog food. 

Common health myths in dogs

Many thought that a fat dog is healthy compared to a malnourished one. This is a very common error of pet owners, who don’t know that there is already an underlying problem when it comes to their furry friend. 

An important reminder: An obese dog is also malnourished. Yes, you read it right. The weight and mass of your dog sometimes doesn’t state that it’s healthy. You might wonder what if it’s the other way around.

A nutrient deficiency can lead to certain conditions or diseases.

Next is that pet owners think that their dog food is the same as others. It is simply not true. Not all dog foods available in the market are recommended to your dog. Like we mentioned before, the ingredients that these pet food has can harm your dogs. 

Why We Recommend Science Diet

For many years since its development, Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food is recognized by many vets around the world as the number one best dog food in the market. If you want to have a safe and balanced food for your fur friend, this is what you are looking for. It is good for your pets overall health status, easy to digest, and high in meat protein. 

Ingredients and composition of Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small Paws Pet Food Contains three easy to digest ingredients namely: Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Grain Wheat, Soybean Meal, Whole Grain Sorghum, and Chicken Fat.  You can view the other nutritional content of this product at the label. 

This Science Diet pet food is in dry form, which is best for picky eater pets.  The small kibble size is precise to avoid overfeeding.

In this particular Science Diet, we assure you that your small buddy can get the nutrients it deserves:

  • Easy to digest for your fur baby’s small stomach
  • Shiny and healthy coat and hair
  • High protein to build lean muscle, essential for small dogs
  • Antioxidants for lifelong immune system  
  • Natural ingredients, matching the flavor of your dog

Having the appropriate prescription food for your small dog can prolong its life, making your life stress and worry-free. If you want to be the responsible pet owner that your dog deserves, feed them right!

If you’re looking to purchase Science Diet dog food, check out PetFoodCare.

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