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7 Things in Your House That Can Make You Sick

Is your home looking messy? If yes, then it is a perfect time to do spring cleaning at your home. Here, in this post, we will discuss various things in our house that could make you sick. If you want to know these, then read the below-given points:

1. Dirty Bed Sheets

It is really amazing to fall sleep in your cozy bed after a long hectic day in your office but what if the dust mites living inside your bedsheet may not let you sleep well the whole night. According to some surveys, most bed sheets collect approximately half an ounce of dead skin in seven days. And, the dust mites’ prime feeding material is dead skin.

But, do you know that the fecal matter left by the dust mites can lead to various scary effects such as allergies, irritation in your skin, etc. If you want to keep these unwanted items away from your bedsheets, then wash your bedsheet in lukewarm water at least once in a week. Also, clean the area surrounding your bed. Take a vacuum backpack and clean the area under your bed.

2. Contaminated Vents

Sometimes, people start experiencing allergies or fall sick and there is no apparent reason behind it. If it happens, then usually the contaminated ducts or vents are responsible for this. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a small amount of dust accumulation heating and cooling vents is harmless.

But, there is a huge amount of dust, mold and other debris that have been built up, and then it can wreak havoc. Various experts say that it is very important to clean your vents and ducts regularly. Otherwise, these contaminated ducts can make you sick.

3. Old Vacuum Cleaners

Most people consider that a vacuum cleaner at your home is a cleaning tool. But, few of them are aware of the fact that when the vacuum cleaner is turned off, then it is doing more harm. According to the article published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, the old vacuum cleaners start releasing dust, allergens, and bacteria that could make you sick.

These old vacuum cleaners do not contain any filter therefore they spread these particles in the air. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a backpack vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. But, make sure you wash this high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter after a regular interval of time.

4. Pet Dander in your House

If you have any furry friends in your house, then, unfortunately, the dander they are leaving behind can make you suffer allergic reactions. This pet dander is made up of microscopic bits of dead skin. If there is anyone who is allergic, then he may start sneezing and sniffling.

The best way to protect yourself from allergies is by keeping your pet away from your furniture, bed, carpet and many more. Also, regularly clean your home with the best backpack vacuum for pet hairs so that there should be no pet dander in your house.

5. Cleaning Chemicals

Most household cleaning items are full of harmful cleaning chemicals that can trigger various health problems. Even some cleaning products are comprised of cancer-causing carcinogens like washing power contain formaldehyde. Well, there are various cleaning solutions that contain only natural ingredients.

It is recommended to check the ingredients of your cleaning products before purchasing them. You can also use lemon, vinegar or baking soda for cleaning even the toughest spot in your home.

6. Hidden Layer of Mold

The secret line of mold can spread in different areas of your home. Usually, mold growth in damp areas of your house such as a bathroom. The spreading of the mold layer can lead to various frightening effects. The exposure of mold can lead to headaches, nasal congestion, and allergies.

If you want to prevent your house from mold exposure then, clean it with a backpack vacuum cleaner and then scrub it with water and detergent.  Also, increase ventilation in that area. Never, let molds spread in your house. It can be highly dangerous, especially for those who are suffering from asthma.

7. Lead paint

If you have an old house and the wall paint is peeling off, then you should protect yourself from lead paint. In an earlier time, houses are painted with lead-based solutions. At that time, people were not aware of the harmful effects of lead. But, now, as we know that it can cause serious damage to us, therefore we should protect ourselves.

Lead exposure can lead to brain damage, kidney damage, and many more. Also, call the professionals to check your house and make sure that you are safe from the hazards of lead paint. If professionals find that there is lead paint in your walls, you should hire someone who can remove it and repaint it with a new lead-free solution.

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