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Top 10 Tips for Your Boiler Maintenance

When you are about to approach to a cool weather condition soon, it’s the time when you will prioritise the boiler the most! Maintenance steps carried out in autumn are not cost-effective in the long run. Boiler must be properly maintained otherwise it can get breakdown completely.

On the other hand, a well-maintained boiler will be not only efficient in terms of functionality but also cost-efficacy at the same time. 10 common tips for boiler maintenance are summed up here for your reference. Read on to know.   

  • Annual Boiler Service

To keep your boiler always tip top you are advised to perform its annual servicing every year. For this job, you must hire a boiler expert who is Gas Safe certified. Only they can perform the extensive checking of the system to assure its performing ability and efficacy in the long run.

Moreover, during the examination if any minor issue is found it will be fixed immediately to save you from unnecessary expense in the future. Its key components will be checked and accessible areas will be cleaned as well. It is highly recommended to perform the annual servicing in September just before the arrival of autumn and winter.

It is so; because during this long period a boiler must be efficient enough for heavy use. Even you are supposed to perform the boiler installation in the UK before arrival of winter so that it can be done without any hassle and accurately. 

  • Bleed the radiators

After turning on the boiler let it run for some time. May be you have noticed some radiators get heated while some don’t. Mainly, it occurs as air particles get trapped in the radiator and results in hot bottom and cool top. You must account the issue immediately as soon as possible by hiring the Gas Safe registered engineers.    

The below-mentioned steps can help you to resolve the issue: 

  • Take a clean and old cloth piece and the radiator key.
  • Protect your carpet by covering it with plastic if it leaks.
  • Hold it into the valve for turning it anti clockwise by placing a cloth underneath so that its helps in catching the escaping water.
  • You will get the hissing noise if air gets released from the radiator.
  • After some time the hissing sound will get off and water will start to get released instead.
  • Catch the excessive running water in the underlying cloth.
  • Turn its radiator key in the clockwise direction for closing the valve.    
  • Now examine the radiator which can get heated up on its top.

Once bleeding of the radiator is completed, pressure gauge must be checked as it is much like to get dropped and you have to re-fill the system again to adjust it.     

  • Regular radiator issues

  • Paint over the valve: During painting of the radiator, the valve is painted too. It indicates that valve cannot be detached easily even with exerting WD40 and some pressure. At that time only an expert can help you to get rid of this issue.  
  • Radiator gets hot at its top not its bottom: It mainly happens due to the sludge build up in the radiator indicating the necessity of Power Flush. Follow the instructions strictly to perform it in correct and effective way.    
  • Radiator doesn’t get heated up at all: Examine the valve which is installed at the bottom of the system whether it is open or not! If it is open then turn it clockwise to close. Still if the issue persists, then it may be due to the faulty valve. To deal with such a case, you are recommended to install a thermostatic radiator valve that enables you adjust the setting of the radiator’s heat as per the individual needs.

  • Balance the radiator

Though it is quite tricky yet a worthy practice to take proper care of the boiler. After bleeding the radiators you will find some areas are hot and some are cold. At that time you have to adjust the radiators gently for even distribution of the heat so that the entire house gets heated up.

If you have a larger home, then it can be difficult for you to perform the right adjustment. Therefore, it is better for you to hire a boiler expert who can do the job for you.

  • Examine the boiler pressure

If your boiler is operating normally, you must check the pressure gauge to get assured that it is functioning as per the pressure level recommended by the manufacturer. While adjusting the pressure level, do it with utmost care and sincerity as Pressure Release Valve gets damaged very easy. This will let you appoint a Gas Safe engineer to get it repaired.    

  • Look for boiler overflow pipe dripping

Overflow pipe is the external pipe attached to the boiler system. If you find dripping there, it is a clear indication of the boiler problem. Widely it occurs due to the fault in the Pressure Release Valve which results in its overfilling. You must account the issue on an urgent basis by hiring a Gas Safe certified engineer. 

  • Ensure the proper ventilation

While you are about to install a new boiler in your home make sure that proper ventilated area is chosen for its installation. Choose a reliable service of boiler installation in London at the same time. Nowadays, as most of the people choose cupboard to install the boiler keep it clutter free for optimal ventilation.

You must remove coats, bags and shoes from the area as these restrict your boiler from breathing. If it is housed inside a box couple it with an additional access panel for its proper maintenance. You must follow the strict ventilation needs as mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions.    

  • Check that flue is easily accessible

The regulation related to the installation of the boiler has undergone a change recently. As per the new law the boiler must be installed in such a way so that its joint can get noticed easily. This clearly depicts that if the flues disappeared into the void or ceiling, installation of the access panel is a must!

It will ensure the safety in case of accidental carbon monoxide leakage as you can easily spot it. At that time, you have to book an emergency boiler repair service without any delay. Furthermore, if you haven’t installed the access panels yet, call the Gas Safe engineers today and get it done. 

  • Observe the blue flame

You must put some time every day to look for the change in the blue flame. If it turns into orange or yellow then, there must be something wrong with your boiler. At that time you must call your Gas Safe engineer to check the boiler and get it fixed accordingly.   

  •  Never attempt any DIY repairing to your boiler

If you find a complex issue with the boiler system, then never open it for its restoration on your own. As you are not an expert and it can risk you along with your family in danger. At that time, you must hire a Gas Safe certified engineer who can sort any issue related with your boiler no matter how complex it is! While hiring any Gas Safe engineer make sure to check their license and Gas Safe registration card to be assured with the safety to let them work with your boiler. 4D Heating and Plumbing is such a leading heating company in London that can ensure you about their outstanding services to take care of your boiler. Call us now to know more.  

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